With the help of Sonomax and the City of New York, we are excited to announce that Walton Hauling has begun refueling its diesel vehicles with R99 renewable dieselR99 produces up to 70% less greenhouse gasses, 90% less particulate matter, and virtually no sulfur dioxide compared to conventional diesel. At the scale of our business, this could result in millions of pounds less of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions each year if adopted by all of our customers.

Unlike previous biodiesels, which blended small amounts of biodiesel with conventional diesel, R99 is chemically identical to conventional diesel while being derived entirely from renewable sources like food waste and non-food-grade oils. In addition to helping the environment, R99 is also a mechanical marvel, providing better fuel stability, more fuel economy, and improved engine lubrication. We also hope that, as R99 production ramps up domestically, it will create jobs and energy independence for America.
With 70% of our fleet compliant with the highest Tier 4 EPA emissions standards, the days of smelly diesel trucks were already over. Our adoption of R99 will only help to further reduce emissions and improve the air quality of our communities. R99 is compatible with all diesel engines and can be mixed with conventional diesel. If you are driving a Walton vehicle, you can mix R99 diesel with conventional diesel, though we encourage you and all of our customers to use R99 for the sake of the environment!